Who we are

Executive Partners was founded by Jacqueline Schank-Ulch, in 2006.  As a consultant with a twenty year history in the health care arena, former VP of Sales in the Ann Arbor market, lead Marketing Representative for the Detroit market, and former Business Development Director of Marketing for St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital, BHS, she has built her career on building business relationships and increasing business revenues.  As the Business Development Director, she successfully built a sales and marketing team and established on-site medical services.  She secured new revenues that totaled over 1.7 million and increased the business from 4.5 to 9.5 million dollars, in a challenging economy.

Ms. Schank’s passion has been her work in Occupational Health care balanced with family and building professional relationships that have lasted for years.  She has earned her place in the sales arena with her education, training and years of service in the industry.

Executive Partners Consulting Firm provides the same professional reputation that Ms. Schank requires of everyone on her sales team.  The benefits of using Executive Partners is in knowing that Ms. Schank takes pride in her solid reputation with physicians, occupational health specialists, business managers and the medical community.  Ms. Schank brings her expertise and many years of hard work to assist her close business associates and new client population.  Her work ethic is unmatched and she has always placed the needs of the company before her own.

Benefits of a Consulting Firm

In today’s economy, every business is feeling the pressure to keep their business thriving while reducing spending.  Now is the time, more than ever before, to reduce your costs and grow your business in this highly competitive market.

Executive Partners Consulting Firm has the ability to review the growth potential of your business while keeping costs at a minimum.  Our philosophy at Executive Partners is time tested, and results driven.

What you can expect from Executive Partners Consulting Firm:

  • We take pride in you and represent your company in a professional manner.
  • We implement our systems to supply a “turn-key” operation.
  • Executive Partners provides a team of expert sales and marketing professionals.
  • Our costs are fixed.  That means no additional costs to you for health care, workman’s compensation, or miscellaneous employee benefits.
  • We provide detailed reporting on all activities.
  • We provide invaluable services everyday, giving you a piece of mind.

Executive Partners is the Business Development team to move your business forward. We produce results!

Services we offer:

Business Development

Review your business, analyze potential growth and minimize your expense.

Worker’s Compensation

Choosing the correct partners to assist with yourWorkers’ Compensation needs is vital.

On-Site Medical Department

Providing medical treatment of work related and non-wok related injury/illness.

On-Site Medical Services

Our mission is to provide medical surveillance testing that enhances employee safety and health.

Safety And Health

Executive Partners is dedicated to enhancing employer’s and employee’s knowledge of Environmental & Occupational Safety and Health compliance.


Executive Partners has a team of experts that have worked in the insurance arena for over 50 years.


Executive Partners provides a full range of worksite wellness services for any size organization.

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